A popular breakfast in America and abroad is french toast.  This is not only one of your kids favorites foods, but it ranks highly in the preferred breakfast foods of adults as well.  This food is high in carbs, with eggs and sugar traditionally and is often associated with “comfort” foods.  This traditional food was actually borne through adversity throughout the centuries, where people would use stale or old bread and make something delicious from it without wasting food.  It’s evolved into a staple of our breakfasts and it’s hard to imagine the world without it.  This pan fried food is made with eggs, sugar and milk traditionally.  The bread is dunked into the milk and eggs and then cooked in a pan.  Contrary to its name, this food did not originate in France.  It may have been cooked there some 500 years in the past, but its true orgins are still unknown.  It’s suspected that in Medieval Europe it was just widely eaten by feudal serfs who needed to salvage food at all costs.

This delicious crunchy toast makes you want to delve into the great morning food.  Though it’s commonly believed this food is a common man’s food from French history, mostly eaten by the working classes.  Previously, rich and delicious foods were reserved primarily for the upper classes.  However, the lower classes created this food so they could have a sweet and delicious item as well.  Generation after generation passed this recipe to others, and it’s come back to the modern world as one of our staple foods.  There are many various recipes to this traditional dish, but it’s up to the personal preference which you choose.

Can I Actually Have French Toast on my Diet?

Delicious French ToastFrench toast is commonly known as “pain perdue” by Cajuns or in Britain by different words that correlate to its egg covered bread.  Traditionally it’s made out of stale breads, but oftentimes nowadays it’s made out of fresh bread instead.  However, is it possible to eat this on your diet and still keep healthy?  Bread is high in carbs and eggs are high in fat, however, there are ways to make recipes that are low in these factors.  French toast can be made with egg whites, splenda or stevia rather than sugar, and fat free milk.  This is a very low fat way to make french toast, and it is very high in fiber.  It’s been shown in several studies that switching out a few meals a week to french toast can actually lower cholesterol.  By cutting out sugar and high fat milk, it does cut into the flavor of the french toast a bit.  However, by adding stevia in the sweetness comes back in a completely calorie free way.

A good basic recipe for this type of french toast is to start with 4 or so slices of whole wheat bread, 4 egg whites and a small amount of skim milk.  Mix this together for the batter along with some stevia powder.  You then cook it on the stove for a period of at least 2 total minutes, one minute per side.  Try to avoid adding syrup, but if you do, use a fat free, stevia based syrup.  This is important to avoid ruining the whole low fat aspect of making this type of food.  This is a great addition to your diet and is a high fiber and low fat breakfast meal you can eat often.