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The Critical Role Breakfast Plays in Your Successful Weight Loss

May 30, 2014 Health and Fitness No comments

Did you know that when you eat breakfast every day, you have a much better chance of losing weight permanently? As it turns out many studies have been conducted on this in recent years, examining those that eat breakfast in the mornings and those that do not.  It was found that people who ate breakfast every day actually were healthier, less prone to obesity, and could lose weight faster.  There’s many reasons scientists attribute to this, for example, keeping a person’s metabolism active throughout the day, but the results are indeed clear.  Those that want to lose weight really need to think about healthy breakfasts as part of their daily routine.

Controlling Our NegativityWhen people eat breakfast every day, their metabolism begins its activity early, they are less hungry by lunch time (and therefore eat less) and also they burn more calories as a result.  If you pace yourself during your meals as well, your body has time to catch up and tell you when you’re full much better than if you are eating quickly.  Taking extra time and enjoying your food and allowing to to “settle” is important for a healthy body as well.  It’s also good to bring your own food with you to work or during your job, so you can avoid many of the bad options you have available in “convenient” locations.

Things You Can Do To Help Your Weight Loss

There are some things you can do to easily help you lose weight, succeed and reach your goals.  Of course, many people recommend exercising and we do as well.  You will almost always lose weight more quickly and with much greater chances of long term success if you are exercising each day as part of your dieting.  This can take the form of strength training, cardiovascular exercises or any other method you prefer that gets your heart moving (even walking is quite good if done consistently).  It’s also highly recommended that people add in natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and cut out most of the garbage and processed foods we so often eate.  I know when I began to eat healthy each and every day my results vastly improved and I lost much more weight.

It’s much more simple to focus on your daily caloric and fat intake, rather than trying to resolve what foods you will eat throughout an entire week.  If you plan ahead with a lot of healthy foods at home (and get rid of much of the processed, carb filled and fatty choices) you will wind up eating healthy as that’s all you have available.  Removing temptation is one of the most effective ways to stick to any diet regimen.

If you go out to eat, at least in America, you’re going to wind up with way more food than you could possibly eat on your own.  Before you begin your meal, as your waiter for a box to set aside half the meal into before you begin.  Try to also select healthy and natural foods even at restaurants, if they’re available.  Once your entree arrives, set half of the meal aside and only eat the remainder of your meal.   Have the rest for lunch or dinner tomorrow.  Portion sizes is one of the biggest Achilles’ heels or weight loss, but it’s also one of the easiest to control.  You’re not denying yourself the things you want, you’re just portioning them out effectively instead.

Breaking Down the Barriers Our Own Mind Has About Weight Loss

One of the biggest obstacles people have for losing weight isn’t physical, it’s mental.  If we don’t believe we can lose weight, we simply won’t ever succeed in doing so.  This problem has been documented for decades in research, and one conclusion remains.  People must believe in their success in order to actually achieve it.  Not only that, they need to believe they can reach their goals and lose the weight they need to.  They also need to be motivated, have strong support among close family, friends or colleagues.  If you cultivate these attitudes and surround yourself with people that encourage you, your chances of success skyrocket.  Keep this in mind when you begin your weight loss journey.

The Most Popular Weight Loss Treatement – The HCG Diet

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You’ve probably struggled off and on for years shedding your excess weight and getting healthy.  If you’ve tried exercising or changing your diet and keeping weight off, you’ve probably encountered some major obstacles in permanently maintaining your progress.  this is a well documented problem, which has been identified through multiple surveys and studies.  People just cannot lose weight just by dieting on their own typically, it’s just too difficulty, and your body will actually counteract the effects by reducing your metabolism.  There’s a diet program that’s garnered a lot of attention among researchers and physicians in recent years due to its ability to improve/magnify results people under during diets.  In addition, it’s also been clinically proven to help them keep the weight off afterwards.  This program is often known as the HCG diet.

The HCG diet was designed in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons, who had been looking for a way to help people lose weight in rural India.  He found that people who took HCG, back then via injections, lost 4 to 5 times more weight than those just going on a diet.  He found this was a result of interactions this hormone had with the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  This boosted metabolism directly and decreased appetite through relatively simple biological interactions.  Beyond that, however, if coupled with a low calorie diet, the loss of appetite enabled people to lose over 30 pounds per month, or around a pound per day.  This is theoretical maximum possible for any weight loss program without increasing exercise by a significant degree.  This is equivalent to the burning of over 3000 calories per day, while taking in only 500 or 700 per day.  Without the HCG hormone this would be impossible the human body’s internal processes prevent this from occurring.

The Phases of the HCG Diet

HCG Drops Diet SimplifiedThe HCG diet is broken up into three distinct phases.  Each phase has been designed to enable your body to store fat and maintain the weight loss after you stop the diet down the road.  Phase one of the diet is a two to  three day period that begins the program.  You take in HCG each day, but also take in foods high in fat and low in carbs.  Good examples of thesee types of foods are things like pork, cheese, beef, avocados, olives etc.  The HCG diet requires this to help you break down lipids which are stored in your body and are hard to expel if your cells are closed up to new intake.  During phase two of the HCG protocol you take in foods low in carbs and fat, and are limited to 500 or 700 calories per day.  This is possible because HCG has significantly reduced your appetite, so it’s easy to stick to relatively.  You continue to take hcg drops diet products as normal during this phase. This period can last up to 57 days, and is a minimum of 23 days.  Typically you will lose 1 pound per day or more during this period of time.  In phase three of the diet you will be doing much the same as you would normally try to do when dieting.  You’d take in foods low in carbs and can eat 1500 calories per day for as long as you want to maintain your weight loss.  It’s not necessary to use HCG again during this time unless you need to restart a regimen to lose weight again.

HCG has been classically administered via daily injections.  In recent years this has all changed with the advent of HCG drops, taken orally under the user’s tongue.  People who take these drops in each day will achieve the same dosage of HCG you’d receive from injections, but in a pain-free and much more reasonably priced way.  Daily injections, of course, work just fine on this protocol, but they regularly cost thousands of dollars a regimen.  Compare this to real HCG drops which typically cost only a fraction of this amount.  This is why so many people have switched over to pure and natural HCG drops which are much more reasonably priced.

Green Coffee Extract As A Weight Loss Aid

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Many people have heard of green coffee extract, because of the many research studies that have been conducted in recent years.  New studies conducted within the last year have shown green coffee extract, if taken each day, allows people to lose weight more quickly than just by dieting alone.  There’s several ingredients found only in green coffee which have been identified to be strong weight loss aids.  They primarily boost metabolic rate and also decrease appetite naturally.  Once coffee is roasted it loses many of these great antioxidant ingredients are no longer in the product anymore.  As a result only green coffee extract worked in these studies, which is unroasted beans of coffee.  Green coffee extract not only is a fantastic weight loss aid, but an energy booster as well, and even a supplement which can help with hypertension.

A recent clinical trial in India with dozens of participants found that they lost over 10% of their total body weight within only 22 weeks of using green coffee extract.  This occurred without any changes to their diet or exercise regimens whatsoever.  This was, on average, over 17 pounds of fat just by adding in this extract.  In another similar trial, the average user  lost over 40 pounds within 90 days using green coffee extract without needing to modify their behavior outside of switching over to more natural foods and avoiding processed meals.  These studies have clearly shown this extract to not only offer great benefits, but to be a safe and natural treatment for obesity.

Is Green Coffee Safe and Effective?

Up Close Green CoffeeIn studies on the use of this extract for weight loss, no significant side effects were reported.  This is not surprising since green coffee is a 100% natural substance and we’re well adapted to take in this type of food.  Similarly, up to a certain point, higher dosages of the extract resulted in greater weight loss and effects in studies.  Anything up to 1500 milligrams twice per day resulted in boosts with added dosage of the supplement.  In these studies the vast majority of participants were considered obese or very overweight (near obesity level).  They took in up to 1200 mg of extract around 30 minutes prior to each meal, twice a day.  This was before lunch and dinner.  The results were great, with the majority losing significant weight within the very first week of use.  They also noted that people could safely take the supplement for up to 25 weeks without needing to take a break, as patient metabolism was not affected much by use of green coffee extract.

How Green Coffee Works?

This extract is typically given in forms such as tablets or capsules, and purified to a high degree.  This product naturally contains caffeine, but some companies try to add even more.  This is often unnecessary, as the extract already contains considerable amounts.  Caffeine was not shown in any of the studies to actually cause the weight loss that’s seen.  The precise reason that green coffee works so well in producing weight loss is not completely known, but there are many reasons this probably works.  An antioxidant called polyphenol has been shown in many studies to help absorb fat, and decrease the levels stored in the body.  Another substance known as chlorogenic acid has been shown to help speed up metabolism.  Both of these are destroyed during the roasting process, which is why it’s necessary to take in the raw form of the extract.

For a very limited amount of money, it’s possible for a person to not only lose weight but to help them achieve a much healthier body.  Several studies have clearly shown that green coffee extract have a much lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.  Whenever you start a new weight loss supplement it’s important to take care about what you’re eating and the exercises you’re doing each day.  Not only can it help you improve your metabolism, but your overall health as well.