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Green Tea For Weight Loss Success? Studies Say Yes

May 2, 2014 Fat burning No comments ,

If you’re sick of that spare tire you haul around regularly around your waist.    If you’re sick of man-made pharmaceutical treatments which don’t work, you’re not alone.  These treatments not only don’t work typically, but are often dangerous for the users.  What people really need is a clinically proven, natural treatment that can help them lose weight.  One that’s both safe, and highly effective, and well documented to work in clinical trials.  Green tea may just be this solution.

Freshly Brewed Green TeaGreen tea has been used for centuries by the chinese to help them maintain a healthy body, and as a source of caffeine for long work days. It’s been used for so long because of its great health effects, but it wasn’t known until recently just why it worked so well and made people so much healthier.  A new and innovative study from the University of Birmingham compared the fat levels of people who drank green tea and those who did not and found that those who did had much lower levels.  In order to find out why, they conducted a double blind study of green tea extract medicines and placebos on weight loss.  They found that people who consumed green tea extract each day lost a lot more weight than the placebo group, by 500 to 600%.  This was caused by unique benefits offered from the tea, which absorbed fat and increased metabolic rate in users.  In addition. the users who were taking green tea lost 16% of their total body weight over the 30 day study, more than has ever been identified by anything but the HCG diet.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Green Tea?

This study also shows that tea users had better insulin responses than their counterparts.  They had much fewer spikes and valleys in their blood sugar, regardless of the foods eaten.  These more stable blood sugars seemed to help tremendously with cravings they experienced, and helped them avoid “cravings” for sugary and sweet foods, or those with high carbohydrate content.  They experienced much lower incidence of binge eating, much more stable weight, and a better response to food intake while taking green tea extract.  Green tea also was shown in the same study to increase energy in users and help them avoid lethargy during their diets.  Many people drink coffee, but green tea naturally has the equivalent to a quarter cup of espresso in caffeine.  Many people take it before going to the gym to increase their energy and help them keep their routine up at a high level.

Wouldn’t you want a proven, and natural treatment that can help you improve your heart health, cut your risk of diabetes and also your waistline as well? Green tea in several studies has proven to do just that.  Consuming it daily helps cut your risk of heart disease by over 50% and diabetes by as much as 70%.  In addition, a new study shows that taking this extract regularly can cut your risk of breast cancer malignancy by up to 90%.  The benefits do not stop here.  Two of the major components of green tea: catechins and polyphenols, have been proven to increase metabolism and absorb fats we eat.  These help break down lipids our body produces which can lead to weight gain and fat deposition within our bodies.  Not only that, but they also increase our metabolic rate, the rate at which we burn through calories.  Additional benefits identified in studies include things such as anti-oxidants which lower the risk of free radicals (things that have been proven sources of cancers).  This is particularly important as this is the case of almost all non-genetically induced cancers known.

Green tea is certainly a great way to help a person lose weight and get health, but it’s also important to take in other proven aids like HCG or methods which are designed to help you lose weight quickly if you need to do so.  Green tea is a great staple to help you keep the weight off in the long term, however.

Raspberry Ketones – A Natural Solution to Weight Gain

February 26, 2014 Fat burning No comments ,

There are a lot of weight loss programs and supplements out there.  The industry is huge, totally tens of billions a year in sales just in the USA alone.  If you’re looking for the most effective weight loss solution you don’t need to look too far.  There are a lot of crappy treatments out there that claim to work, but have absolutely no clinical testing to back up those claims.  However, there are also many methods that have been clinically tested and clearly work.  One of the most popular and most recommended by physicians today is the use of natural raspberry ketone extract.  This method provides natural enyzmes which has been clinically shown in dozens of studies to produce weight loss, without needing to change your diet or exercise routine.

Doctor Oz in particular has mentioned the use of raspberry ketones on his show recently.  The reason it was recommended was due to all of the research which clearly showed it to be a highly effective weight loss solution.  However, the benefits of raspberry ketones are unique and particularly effective.  Studies clearly show that using raspberry ketones along with a reduced calorie diet will result in huge weight loss.  Even without any changes to diet, users lost significant levels of fat.  When they added a diet as well, they were able to lose 20 or so pounds per month using this supplement.

What Exactly Are Raspberry Ketones?

Red Raspberry KetonesWhen you think of red raspberries you think of how sweet and delicious they are to eat.  However, certain chemicals and antioxidants are only found in these fruits.  There has been recent research which identified a series of unique molecules that not only help people increase metabolism but decrease their appetites as well.  For example, the ingredient lipolysis is found in high quantities within raspberries, which helps break down stored lipids in fat cells.  Beyond this, metabolism increases as well which helps burn more calories.  There are other major advantages to this supplement as well, which can help many of the organs in your body increase their general health.

Along these same lines, many people probably think this product may generate a lot of side effects.  As studies have clearly shown, raspberry ketones have few if any side effects.  Since this substance is completely natural, there’s no reason to expect any problems related to that.  In studies on this supplement, no negative side effects were noted caused by the use of raspberry ketones.  It’s recommended that people take in at least 500 mgs of this substance twice a day if they’re using it to help them lose weight.   As always, for expectant mothers and those with any chronic hearth conditions or otherwise, they should contact their physicians to ensure that it’s safe and will work as intended for them.  Since it’s just a natural supplement, it’s typically ok, but still best to check if you can handle it.

What Kind of Diet Plan Can Work with Raspberry Ketones?

Yes, it’s true that raspberry ketones are natural appetite suppressants as shown in studies.  However, people need to keep in mind that to get the best results with the product you need to take advantage of these qualities.  If you want to really cut pounds within a few weeks using the product, which is definitely the way to go to stay motivated.  You will want to change up your diet for the best results.  Although it’s not necessary to cut calories a ton or cut out fat from your diet, there are several things you can do to improve your results.

A good meal plan for this diet is a thirty day natural foods diet plan.  For one month you will eat foods that are natural, and unprocessed.  Replacing the common foods people eat, which are often quite bad for you, with these more natural ingredients is really all that’s required to lose weight on this weight loss program at a much faster pace.  A lot of these processed foods are high in carbs and fat, and by cutting them out you reduce calories without really increasing hunger either.  There may also be some major advantages along with this if you exercise as well.  Just 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, or even weight training, can make a huge difference in your results.